• Introduction

  • Nowadays, the world is facing a major challenge - global warming. To tackle this challenge, green and digital revolutions are necessary which will require new, performant and economically competitive devices. At the same time, we know that the crucial resources and materials are not infinite and the industrial impact on the environment had been a long time neglected.

    Developing higher-performance devices for the green and digital transitions while considering their sustainability and the industrial reality is the necessary condition for a successful change. The world needs a new generation of researchers, engineers, and sustainability managers able to tackle this global challenge.


  • European Green Deal

    The European Green Deal initiative is a major event in the history of Europe striving to overcome the long-term challenges of climate change and environmental degradation and transform our continent into a modern, resource-efficient and competitive economy by 2050.

    This global task requires huge efforts from research and education institutions, as well as from today’s students who will be the main Green Deal actors of tomorrow to tackle this global challenge.