• About Nancy

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    Nancy is a city situated in Lorraine in theGrand Est region.

    The city itself counts more than 110 000 inhabitants and the surrounding metropolitan area has more than 510 000 inhabitants.

    As one of the biggest student cities in France,Nancy welcomes more than 47 000 students in which more than 8 000 are international students.


    The students represent 1 out of 6 people in the city which makes the city live a lot.

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    For its location, it is near other cities suchas Metz, Strasbourg and Epinal.

    Nancy has a railway station in the city center,an airport in Metz which is located at less than an hour by car from Nancy.


    Also, Nancy has a lot of bus services to get around the city and its
    surroundings quite easily which is really convenient.


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    Beyond the practical aspect, Nancy also has alot of cultural experiences to offer.


    Indeed, Nancy has many parcs, museums,bars and other places to do interesting and amusing activities such as karaoke,bowling, watching a movie etc.


    The city center is perfect for student life witha vivid nightlife.

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